LIKE THIS by Neil Elder

And indeed I do LIKE THIS – very much. 4Word are privileged to announce the launch of this exceptional pamphlet by Neil Elder. Neil lives in London and is already widely published in many journals and magazines. His publications include Codes of Conduct (shortlisted for a Saboteur Award), The Space Between Us (Cinnamon Press), And The House Watches On (Cicero)

 What I love most about Elder’s work is the deep sympathy for all he observes, the way his language steers us toward the plangent note but then we are lifted into love, into understanding. These are calm, measured and wise poems offering hard won joy. Daljit Nagra

‘Like This’ builds on Neil Elder’s previous collections as these direct, plain-speaking narrators give voice to the fleeting moments that unite and separate us. With humour and tenderness Elder records the things we do to give our lives meaning but often enough epiphanies come when we least expect them. Chaos, rage and sadness are kept in check just below the surface, “There is no cure for the end of summer”, but these poems urge us to grasp happiness, even as it’s slipping from our handsLorraine Mariner

Neil, I spent this gorgeous spring morning with Like This. It’s quite wonderful, and I mean that very sincerely. You have such a light touch. It’s as if you poems barely ruffle the surfaces of things but somehow let me see the world a little more clearly. I read several of them to my wife at breakfast, and she declared herself totally delighted, especially by “Birthday Surprise.” This was a real pleasure. Hope you like the comment. The poem I quote is just a gem…

Give me a tiny moonstone to write about,

or better still, a moon shaped stone

that fits upon my palm.

Like the stone I took away from the shore

the day I gave an urn of ashes to the sea:

a trade that, like the tide,

keeps returning you to me.

Neil Elder’s poems wash over you. They can be deft and unobtrusive, but they stay with

you, like that moonstone. A poet so sure-handed is irresistible. This is a dazzling


George Bilgere

Copies of Like This can be purchased from either Neil’s website ( or from 4Word ( (Contact Neil on Twitter @Eldersville

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