PRETTY IN PINK by Ruth Aylett

Today is the official launch of Ruth Aylett’s superb pamphlet  – Pretty in Pink. Ruth was a successful candidate in our submissions call-out, where her striking poetry impressed us from the word go.

Ruth Aylett is a widely published poet, already well known through such publications as The North, Butcher’s Dog, Prole and Agenda and anthologies Scotia Extremis (Luath) and Mancunian Ways (Fly on the Wall). She is also the joint author, with Beth McDonough, of Handfast (Mother’s Milk) However, Pretty In Pink  is her first single author publication.

Ruth’s themes concern women and their lives, science and technology, and the ways of the world, warts and all – never a poet to pull her punches, her work is both pertinent and intelligent.

Ruth Aylett’s vividly inhabited poems are full of the female experience, wit, anger – and the stuff of life itself. (Fiona Sampson)

Aylett is a poet who thinks with the precision of a scientist and writes with the grace of an artist…(Christine DeLuca)

Ruth Aylett sees the world clearly: she has no time for sentimentality or false consolations; her vision is lit by solidarity and compassion, a wounded optimism, ferocity and pride. (Steve Ely – Director, The Ted Hughes Network.)

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(Details of Ruth’s online launch event TBA)

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