Smithereens by Mike Farren

4Word are very proud to officially launch Mike Farren’s fantastic pamphlet, SMITHEREENS.

Mike Farren was born in West Yorkshire, where he currently lives. He has written since his teens, but had to go through years of writing fiction before he realised that poetry was his real home. Since that revelation, his poems have appeared widely in journals and anthologies, including those from Smith/Doorstop and Valley Press. He has been placed and commended in several competitions and he was canto winner for Poem of the North (2018) and won both the Saltaire and Ilkley Literature Festival poetry competitions (2020)

His previous pamphlets are Pierrot and his Mother (Templar) and All of the Moons (Yaffle), the latter of which was set to music by composer Keeley Hodgson. Currently he co-hosts Rhubarb open mic and is part of the Yaffle publishing team.

The poems in Smithereens tell the story of a friendship which lasted more than 40 years, beginning at school before either party was a teenager, and ending with the untimely death of A from alcohol related causes.

Written with the wisdom of hindsight and shot through with real tenderness and love, these poems tell the story of a friendship between two men which stretches across a lifetime and around the world. The pamphlet’s narrative is as compelling as a novel, and each individual poem is that rare thing – a true moment of musicality and lyricism. (Kim Moore)

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