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Deadline 30th November 2020

4Word is a small independent press conceived by poets for poets. (Please read our About Us page). We are a ‘not for profit’ publishing house whose sole interest is to support and represent our poets. We offer a unique platform which particularly benefits those writers who find themselves, for whatever reason, unable to promote their books in the conventional way, through readings and launches etc. All we ask is that you agree to buy a minimum of 50 books at a discounted price, which covers 4Word’s cost of producing your pamphlet. All profits go to the author.

4Word pamphlets contain around 42 pages which equates to around 34 pages of poetry. We have no preference for themed or otherwise, and we welcome a diversity of submissions. All we ask is that you delight and engage us. At present we publish 5 pamphlets per year.


● Please read these guidelines carefully. If not fully adhered to, we may not be able to proceed with your submission.

● Our submissions window is now open

● All submissions must be made via the SUBMIT button at the foot of this page. Please do not post or email your submissions to us as you risk them being lost and we know that you have worked too hard for that to happen.

● In the first instance please submit a sample of 10 poems from your collection, in a word document. Poems may have been published in journals, online or in anthologies, but not as a collective work. Please also include a short, third person biography and tell us about any previous or forthcoming publications (in magazines, journals, collections or online etc).

● Whilst we would be thrilled to discover new, raw talent, a track record of previous publication in magazines, journals, anthologies, or as competition placements, (but not self-published), demonstrates the level of competence we are looking for.

● We give our time for free and we regret that we cannot accept simultaneous submissions nor will we be able to give feedback on your work.

● We are a two-woman-band (Lesley & Stella) so please be patient with us. Rest assured we will do our utmost to give you the speediest response possible. Please remember that we only publish 5 pamphlets per year so a ‘no thank you’ isn’t necessarily a reflection on the quality of your work.

Thankyou for choosing 4Word Press. We look forward to reading your poetry submission and wish you the best of luck!