Telling Tales by Veronica Aaronson

As we move towards the end of yet another year of mounting Covid uncertainty, 4Word is honoured to launch this beautifully crafted pamphlet from Veronica Aaronson; an enchanting refuge from cheerless winter, and a perfect Christmas gift.

Veronica Aaronson is a co-founder and one of the organisers of the Teignmouth Poetry Festival. Her work has been published widely in literary journals, online and in anthologies and she has won, and been placed in, several competitions. Her first collection, Nothing About The Birds Is Ordinary This Morning (Indigo Dreams, 2018) was put forward for the 2020 Laurel Prize. One of the poems from the collections was chosen for the Scottish Poetry Library’s Best Scottish Poems Anthology 2019. A poem from her recent collection, Emily’s Mother (Dempsey and Windle, 2020) was nominated for the Forward Prize Best Individual Poem in 2019.

These tales are indeed telling – potent fables which juxtapose animal and human, natural and unnatural, to convey the terrible beauty of our lives and deaths. Five separate but related poems take us aslant through birth, schooling, mothering, work and bereavement with an eye equally open to violence and wonder. Unflinching and brilliantly crafted. (Rosie Jackson)

The voices vary – ornithologist, atheist, storyteller, inmate, someone trying to make sense of the pandemic world, all with their tales to tell – and the poet is a wise, but unobtrusive, presence………….One to read and re-read. (Alasdair Paterson)

Veronica Aaronson’s five poems are, as the title says, tales – from life and imagination. The direct style of her writing makes these long poems and sequences easy to read, but there are deeper currents running under them……….there is love and loss in the content, and compassion and wit in the telling. (Simon Williams)

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